Panic Attack Espresso Stout 6.8%

Three Fiends Brewhouse

Be still your beating heart

A 6.8% espresso stout so tasty, it’ll keep you up at night.

Panic Attack is an espresso stout sure to set pulses racing.

Intense and chocolatey, this beer takes its name from a disastrous dinner party, hosted by one of our very own brewers.

Ignorant to the ways of the cafetiere, our plucky Fiend took the plunge anyway, heaping spoonful after spoonful of ground coffee into a press, serving and, crucially, drinking the lion’s share to himself.

The hours that followed included heart palpitations, a call to NHS 24, final farewells to next of kin and, later on, an overwhelming sense of impending beer.
Cue Panic Attack.

Brewed in collaboration with Huddersfield’s very own Bean Brothers, the blend of coffee in this heady brew is rich, smooth, dark and glamorously called… Derek.

Expertly brewed with Chinook and Fuggles hops, chocolate and oats.

And there you have it. A perk me up pick me up that may just leave you breathless.

We strongly advise that you panic buy in bulk

NB Please note that this product is only available to customers over the age of 18.  Age checks are in place during purchase and also on delivery


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