The Story so far


We started in 2014 as three good friends brewing at home.  Within a month or so we had moved from kitchen to garage which is where the business idea was born.  Back then we drank more beer than we actually produced!  It was soon clear to see that we were starting to outgrow the garage.  We had the opportunity to relocate to Brookfield Farm and this was the point where we started to produce more beer than we drank!  We had surplus!

Our first site at Brookfield Farm wasn't much bigger than the garage to be honest.  We were still brewing with the same kit and we spend a lot of time renovating an unused outbuilding at the farm.  We pretty much pulled down the building and started again which gave us a blank canvas to work with.

We were ready to move to the next stage of the plan.  We built our current brewery ourselves with bits and pieces from all over the globe.  We did a bit of research and then a bit more.  We went on a course to find out how to brew commercially.  

August 2015 and we were ready to go.  We had a business that might just work and the first thing we decided was not to drink any of the profits!  All we had to do was find someone else who wanted to drink the stuff instead of us.  We quickly got involved with our local CAMRA branch and entered a local beer festival.  We were also helped by a local bar who were interested in stocking our beer.  Our beer was on show and people started to know who we were.  We started to get trade enquiries as word got around.  

Just over a year has passed now and we have supplied beer throughout the UK.  It hasn't been easy but the hard work is paying off now.  We have recently won a gold award at the festival where we made our debut so a lot of good things have happened in such a short space of time.

We plan to replace our brewery with a larger one within a couple of years.   The more beer we sell then the quicker this will happen so if you like our beer then you know what to do.  Until then we will continue to brew some great beer for our great customers.

We Love Beer

‘Forever Fiends’, they said, as they raised their glasses of rancid, foul-stenching ale. ‘How can thee forever be my fiend when thee buys be nowt but rancid, foul-stenching ale?’, asked one fiend. 'Aye, fair point', responded t’others. So they decided to take off their flat caps and do summit abart it.

Arned wi’ usual Yorkshire ingredients of a positive attitude, elbow grease and good honest hard graft – plus t’other ingredients for making ale – they went abart brewin’ up some magic and not just from their backsides this time. T’ingredients came together, helped along by their fiendship, and thee is now drinkin’ t’result.

To fiendship…. We like beer. We like good beer. We brew beer we want to drink and want our friends to drink. We hope you enjoy drinking it with your fiends too.