Bad Uncle Barry West Coast Pale Ale 4.2% 5 litre Mini Keg

Bad Uncle Barry West Coast Pale Ale 4.2% 5 litre Mini Keg

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One Bad Uncle Who’s Brilliant At Weddings.

When brewing a tribute beer for a ska, reggae, hip hop, dance collective such as the Dub Pistols, you better make sure you hit all the right notes.

2 gold awards from CAMRA tells us that Bad Uncle Barry does exactly that.

Named after their legendary lead singer, Barry Ashworth, with BUB you’ll get marmalade and an earthy, almost cannabis aroma.

A rock star’s breakfast served to you courtesy of Columbus hops, with Amarillo and Cascade thrown in for good measure.

The Fiends love Barry because he’s happy.

He does what he loves and he’s a little bit of an outlaw.

Remind you of anyone?

With hints of potpourri, this 4.2% West Coast IPA is as sweet as it is revitalising, due in no small part to its crystal malt.

Music to to your mouth.

Give it a pour then demand one more!


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